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                 Hi all – and Happy New Year!!!

Believe it or not, it is time to place your order for your 2020 National Mah Jongg League card. Remember, the earlier you place your order, the sooner you will get your card when the mailings begin in late March/early April. 

If you have followed my previous advice, you have saved your membership number (or look on the label of the NMJL newsletter that you recently received). Then, with membership number in hand, go to www.nationalmahjonggleague.org and click on the gray box that tells you to order your 2020 rule cards. It’s that easy! And, if you can’t find your membership number, not to worry! You can still buy your cards – it just is quicker and easier if you know your membership number. So, don’t delay – order your card right now!

happy new year



Our dear friend Jan has generously shared this wonderful photo with us. Scroll down to read what she has to say about it…


“Going through my Mom’s pictures and found this from 1980. She’s the lady with the black hair! The other 3 were all my Mah Jongg Aunts!! I have the table cover that’s on this table. It’s quilted, tan on one side, and turquoise on the other and snaps around the corners of the table!

Looks like it is a Royal Depth set. 4 original Jokers and extra Flowers. I now am the proud owner of this set! I do know that my Mom was one of the few that owned a set back in those days… what with working with the NMJL, she got sets for people when they wanted to purchase them along with the only one in the city that everyone went through to purchase their cards each year. I sort of remember that she would often take her set to the home of others to play, as is with this picture.”

Jan – thank you so much for sharing this with us – I love photos such as this and hope all of you will send similar wonderful memories in to me so that I can share them with everyone – they are very, very special.


Our friend Meredith was kind enough to share this photo with all of us. She wrote:

First public shaming of the year!


Do you know how much I LOVE this photo?!!!

Who else has done this with the new card?!!!