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2015 RULES!

The other day I received two emails Рone from our dear friend Shirley in Canada and another from a new friend, JoAnn, in Wisconsin. By coincidence, both emails were about the same hand Рthe triple 2015 hand. Check out these photos and their comments. BTW, congratulations to both ladies for completing a truly wonderful hand!

From JoAnn (who won twice with this same difficult hand!): 
“What a day….
I had TWO wins of this “hole in one” hand in MahJongg today!!
Needless to say, it was a good day!”

photo 2From Shirley, who is playing with truly spectacular tiles and I would expect nothing less from her! Check out those Soaps!!

“Tonight’s Mah Jongg night at the local temple was to raise funds for the “Out of the Cold” program run by many churches and synagogues in Toronto. What made the evening more fun was that I played with women that I had never played with before and then I had this hand. Since we all forgot to bring a set I had called a friend who lived close by and she brought this nice set along. Now I have to pretty it up with some nice Joker stickers.”