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After a long absence from my hosting the OMs on Mah Jongg Wednesday, we came back here yesterday for one of our most fun MJ days ever! The day started out right away with Lemon Drop cocktails (recipes tomorrow). Perhaps we should have had lunch first but…what the heck!IMG_1566S1 enjoying a (very strong) Lemon Drop cocktail!

We finally sat down for lunch, eating lots of salad and drinking lots of cocktails. Note the gorgeous peonies in the background that K brought back for me from her vacation home in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania.IMG_1567Finally it was time to get down to Mah Jongg. But could it have been possible that we may have had just a few more Lemon Drops than necessary for proper game play? K actually had to take a time out for a nap! Ummm…note the Lemon Drop cocktail on the coffee table, just waiting for her to wake up. IMG_1568We continued our game play while we patiently waited for K to finally wake from her beauty sleep because…we were also celebrating her birthday…IMG_1569 IMG_1570And finally…those of you who are frequent readers of this blog might remember back to approximately one year ago when I received a gorgeous gift of six MAGNIFICENT Mah Jongg cookies from Kristin Marin. At that time I wrote:  From the amazingly talented Kristin Marin, the owner and cookie designer of Suga Me Sweet, came these breathtakingly beautiful cookies. And they are big, too – lots of bites of deliciousness in each cookie! Her enclosed business card proclaims, “Almost too pretty to eat!” and I must agree. They look absolutely yummy but they are so gorgeous that I think I am going to freeze them and save them for special gifts for my Mah Jongg students on the last day of class. Or perhaps I will serve them to the OMs when I host our lunch and game play on the 15th of this month. Or, maybe  – probably – I will just keep them for my myself!  OMG, I am so excited about these cookies – Kristin, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Well, I did freeze them instead of eating them myself; every time I opened the freezer drawer I saw those gorgeous goodies calling out to me but I somehow maintained my self-control. I decided to finally bring them out for my dear OMs and, believe it or not, after a year of being stored – carefully and thoroughly wrapped – in my freezer, those cookies were still fresh-tasting, delicious, and incredibly gorgeous. Kristin – you are amazing! To contact Kristin, call 303-374-4577 or send an email to her at suga@sugamesweet.com. You can also follow her blog at https://sugamesweet.wordpress.comIMG_1571


Johni (you might remember that I call her “the incomparable Mah Jongg teacher, Johni Levene” – and she is!) and her husband David were still visiting NYC and so we made plans to get together again for an early breakfast on Wednesday morning. As an added bonus, Curt – a serious Mah Jongg collector and player who lives in Pennsylvania – happened to be coming to the city that day to see a Broadway show. So, we arranged to all meet at the 108 year old restaurant, Barney Greengrass, a NYC institution on the Upper West Side. After about three hours the waiter actually asked us if we wanted to take out a lease on our table! Honestly, if we all didn’t have other places to go, we would still be there at the table, talking and laughing away!photoCurt, moi, David, and Johni!!!


Every three or four months our Mahj group – made up of six very good friends (alternatively known as “The OMs” for original Mahjettes…or “Mahj Chicks” by Jim) – take off for parts unknown. Well, not really unknown…we have gone to S’s home in Sag Harbor, K’s home in Buck Hill, a home in Old Chatham and most recently, a home belonging to X’s relative in upstate New York.We spend three days and two nights really never leaving the host’s home, just playing Mahj from early, early morning to late, late night and cooking up a storm.


We arrive! All the OM’s but me – I’m taking the picture! Continue reading