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Did anyone see CBS Sunday Morning yesterday (December 25th, 2016)? They did an entire segment on Chanukah menorahs and guess what showed up…that’s right – a menorah made of Mah Jongg tiles! Mah Jongg is EVERYWHERE!!!cbs-sunday-morning-menorahThere actually are many menorahs made up of Mah Jongg tiles – if you have one, please send me photos and I will post them.

Here are some more examples of Mah Jongg menorahs – most of these are from different shops on Etsy or Pinterest (just do a Google search for Mah Jongg menorah):mah-jongg-menorahHere‘s a beautiful handcrafted version: metal-menorah And here is a two-toned version:                       cranberry-colored two-tone version:          And one with the Mogen David as the holder for the Shamash or servant candle:mogen-david-menorah Even one made of earthenware                            And, of course, there is a Mah Jongg Chanukah computer game with menorahs!mah-jongg-menorah-gamescreen-shot-2016-12-25-at-4-41-46-pm



I was catching  up on Pinterest today which led me to Etsy where I found something very interesting – an opportunity to purchase an original Mahjong game by the Deshler Purchasing Agency of Shanghai from around 1923. This is not a tile set but rather, a very early version of Mah Jongg played with cards. All the regular suits, honors, winds, etc., are part of the game but they are made of paper instead of the material we usually see from sets made in China such as bone and bamboo. I found this particularly interesting because it is the Deshler set that is pictured in my new book, Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game (always happy to get in a plug for the book!):

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 4.23.46 PM

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I found the following photo and accompanying sentiment on Pinterest. I thought you all would enjoy this. I didn’t grow up playing Mah Jongg so I really related to what this person had to say!1a787aff4a27576571efab02e96f674c “I may not have grown up playing mahj but I will definitely grow old playing it….”


Take a look at my Pinterest page – http://tinyurl.com/kkbdypq – there are over a thousand new Mah Jongg pictures pinned there recently like this one:

Mah-Jong Tiles from China, China


Some interesting Mah Jongg hands, courtesy of Wendy Dougan.


We play Mah Jongg on boring old card tables – wouldn’t it be fun to play on a Mah Jongg table like this?