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The other day I posted a photo of the fabulous pusher that Joy’s husband carved for her out of bamboo. Well, it seems that there are other wonderful handmade pushers out there and I am so jealous of all of the beautiful Mah Jongg accessories made by these talented husbands! Check out these beautiful pushers that Donna’s wood-working husband made for her and then read on to see how she made a bag in which to store these helping hands:


Donna writes: I’m attaching the two pictures of the pushers my husband made. He does wood working and of course I couldn’t just buy the plastic ones for my 1950’s set.
from the bottom up
1.  oak inlay trimmed with walnut
2. African padauk inlay, maple stringing with walnut edges
3 and 4. African zebra wood

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I love these matte black racks with helping hand pushers attached. Of course, there is nothing like the vintage racks made of Catalin but for those old sets that come without racks, these will do in a pinch!