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I am delighted to announce some very exciting news. A new publication,THE MAHJONG COLLECTOR, a quarterly print magazine, is about to be launched by a group of people I revere and consider to be dear friends. They are experts in all things Mah Jongg and, even though the first issue has not been released just yet, I promise you that it is going to be fabulous.

And so, I am delighted to announce the collaboration of Mahjong historian, Michael Stanwick, along with mahjong researchers/collectors Bill Price, Tony Watson, Ray Heaton and Katherine Hartman, on this new mahjong magazine for collectors.

The quarterly print magazine will be out in early 2015. Through email they will let you know when they have more subscription information available.  If interested in subscribing to the magazine, please send your email to this address: subscriptions@mahjongcollector.com

THE MAHJONG COLLECTOR’s Mission Statement: “The purpose of this magazine is, firstly…
To provide a platform for Mahjong Collectors and enthusiasts to share their knowledge, skills and expertise of the history, materials, and the underlying symbolism of the designs on the tiles and, secondly… To provide a platform for showcasing the variety, beauty and the collector’s passion for Mahjong sets that will stimulate discussion about these elements of the game.”

They will be contacting collectors in the future, for interviews and to be featured as Guest Collectors.

I know that these five wonderful people all thank you in advance for your interest in their new venture; I hope you will respond to their request for subscription information by sending in your email address to subscriptions@mahjongcollector.com.



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Johnni 1

We are so very fortunate to see the following tiles from a recent acquisition of a Chinese Bakelite set by Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire, Johni Levene. Johni, in her inimitable generous style, agreed to share these exquisite tiles with us. Not only does Johni have a fabulous Mah Jongg collection but she also sells vintage Mah Jongg sets. In addition to this, Johni will repair your tiles as well as having a huge (and I have see pictures of it – it is HUGE!) orphanage for matching any tiles you might be missing from your set. When my friend S1 was recently in Southern California, she gave Johni a call – Johni immediately invited her over to her beautiful home to join in a game of Mahj. S1 has raved about Johni and her friends – they couldn’t have been more welcoming or friendlier and, just as we expected, they were great Mah Jongg players. If you are ever looking for a teacher, or for a beautiful vintage set, or repairs to hurting tiles, or a match for a missing tile, contact Johni at Lajohni@aol.com – you won’t be sorry!

And now, sit back and enjoy these glorious tiles, courtesy of Johni Levene.

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