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The other day I received an email from Ken who recently acquired a beautiful burgundy enrobed set. Of course, I am drooling with envy! But, in order to play with this gorgeous set, Ken needs our help! The set is missing two “occupational” Flowers, as you will see from the following photos. He also needs eight more tiles to use as Jokers. But first, enjoy these photos of this gorgeous set…

Burgundy Enrobed BambooBurgundy Enrobed ChineseBurgundy Enrobed DotsBurgundy Enrobed Dragons, Winds & FlowersKen also purchased a set of twenty orphaned burgundy enrobed tiles but, as he wrote,I also purchased a large lot of the same dark burgundy enrobed flower tiles (Extra Flower Set #2).  These are very slightly thicker – instead of 7/16″ deep – they are 29/64″ deep – so 1/64″ deeper than the original set. It’s almost imperceptible – but I used a fancy digital caliper to take the measurements. My hope is to find someone who is looking for some of the orphans that I have and is willing to trade one of the flowers/blanks/jokers that I’m looking for.  I’ve attached pictures of the extra flowers I have. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.


Enrobed Extra Flowers Set #2

The set which Ken acquired did come with extra Flowers that measure 1 1/4″ tall by 7/8: wide by 7/16″ deep. These are more of the orphans that he would be willing to trade.

Burgundy Enrobed - Extra Flowers

I asked Ken where he found this beautiful set and he wrote back with the following:Hi – Thanks for the compliment!  It was listed on a local Facebook page and after much negotiation I bought it  – it came with a faux alligator hard case in average condition and 5 bakelite racks.  8 of the flowers were stickered and nail polished so I didn’t know what they were until I peeled and cleaned them.  I also bought the other 20 orphan flower tiles (in extra flowers #2).  They are soooo close but just that tiny 1/64″ thicker.  I’ve played Chinese Mah Jongg for quite a while and only recently started collecting.  The best of my collection is this set, a “pillow” tile set and a Chinese Bakelite set.  My next target is likely a French ivory set and perhaps one of the new Red Coin sets. BTW – I really enjoyed reading your book! I look forward to seeing if anyone responds to the posting on your blog. 

Thanks again – Ken

I hope someone out there will be able to help Ken complete his trophy set – contact me and I will put you in touch with him. Worst case for Ken is he could sticker the extra Flowers that came from his set to use for Jokers. It is very kind of him to offer these up to anyone who might be able to use them to complete their own gorgeous burgundy enrobed set. Thanks, Ken!


From our good friend Stuart in Seattle:

“I switched from S&P Winds to this hand when I picked a joker, then discarded the joker and ended up here.  It’s a Red Coin set. Dee Gallo is brilliant. I mentally thank her every time we play with it. She made the soaps to all white for me… I had a choice of Gold or Black and asked her if we could just leave them blank.”

Stuart WilberBTW, I didn’t know Stuart but I received an email from him a while ago – as coincidence would have it, his parents were golfing buddies with my aunt and uncle – what a small world! And how nice that I have connected with this terrific guy all through our mutual love of Mah Jongg. You know what I always say – Mah Jongg people are the nicest people.



I have heard from many people that they missed the segment on the Science Channel show, How Do They Do It, about the making of Mah Jongg tiles. The segment was called “Marble, Mahjong and Escape Slides.”

Not to worry…the Science Channel will show it again on Wednesday, April 23rd at 4:30 am. Not exactly a great time so set your DVR machines!  Continue reading