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I have been so excited looking forward to July 28th and the arrival of Toby Salk who, if  you are a reader of this blog, is someone that I admire and write about frequently. I had never met Toby before but had a feeling that we might experience that “separated at birth” moment when we did meet. And I was right! 

We sat down for lunch and the first thing Toby did was to give me this fabulous gift of Rose Confit she had bought for me on her recent trip to Paris – YUM! 

IMG_0825And then the conversations began – I don’t think we ever finished a sentence or a thought as there was so much to discuss. Definitely separated at birth!

Before we knew it, it was time to meet up with a few of my students and play Mah Jongg – I was ecstatic…playing Mah Jongg with the great teacher, Toby Salk!

Toby’s kind and gentle teaching style was evident in her correction technique:

Here’s a photo showing great concentration – and concern! – from all the players!IMG_0821

Look at that dear smile on Toby’s face – I had the best time with her and hope she will return soon for more good times!