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Our friend Boots (isn’t that the best name?!) has sent fabulous photos dating back to her early days with Mah Jongg.

Please enjoy – and much thanks to Boots for sharing these wonderful memories!

Boots wrote: In 1962, I was 31 years old and I had been playing MJ for about 10 years in Brackenridge, PA. This was the farewell game with my original group prior to my family moving to Southern California. Last Friday, at our semi-annual tournament (I won first place!) in Santa Maria, CA, we recreated the 1962 photo with “new friends”. I’m still playing at the age of almost 84 and the set is the same one that is shown in the original photo. Just imagine what tales those tiles could tell if they could only talk. Mine has been identified as a Royal Depth set. Yes, we played with the chips and settled up at the end…I think we played for $1.00 pi…still have the chips.

Here’s Boots at the farewell game in 1962:


And here’s is wonderful Boots just last Friday, playing with her “new friends” as they recreate the photo from 1962:


Please take a look at the beautiful Royal Depth Control Mah Jongg set…the very same one that Boots and her friends in 1962 were using for their game play.


Boots – thank you so much for sharing this wonderful set of memories. You are so beautiful!

Oh, and congratulations on winning FIRST PLACE at your tournament!!!



A CHarli Joker – or as she puts it, “Simply the Best!”photo 1

It wasn’t long after I had learned how to play Mah Jongg that I began lusting after a vintage set. I did some research and found the website of the incomparable and incredible CHarli. We started emailing back and forth and CHarli (aka Carol Ann Harper) was amazing – so patient and kind as she advised me on which sets would be best for me.  We finally settled on a gorgeous Royal Depth Control set which, to this day, is my favorite set to bring out for our Mah Jongg Wednesday’s game. Because this was my first vintage set, it will always be my sentimental favorite. CHarli included beautiful Jokers (her design, of course!) and a lovely note thanking me for my purchase, or should I say, adoption, of this set. The set is in perfect condition which is true with everything that CHarli sells. I love, love, love playing Mah Jongg with this gorgeous set and always think of CHarli fondly every time it comes out.

photo 1

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