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While waiting for a few of my star students to come over today for some Mah Jongg game play, a package arrived chez moi. I didn’t remember ordering anything and I was very curious as to what this could be. The label told me that this package was from darling Donna in Central California and it made me laugh out loud:


And then I saw the return address label and laughed even more (and if anyone has orphans of this tile pictured, please let me know so that I can get them to Donna):


Opening the package I found it filled with wonderful gifts such as two Mah Jongg themed luggage tags and a yummy chocolate candy bar:


a beautiful “sun catcher” that now is twinkling from my bedroom window:


the cleverest card that I will keep forever and forever:


and then finally, the topper that brought tears and tears and tears to my eyes, a beautiful get well card from Donna, Boots, and their entire Wednesday Mah Jongg group:


I am so touched by these thoughtful and fabulous gifts – along with all of their kind words – sent to me by these wonderful and caring people. I wish I could find the right words to thank you but I don’t think there are any words that could express how I am feeling about the very special, thoughtful, and caring contents in this package. So, all I will say here is thank you a million times over to Donna and Boots – and of course, to the rest of your Wednesday Mah Jongg group. I hope you know what your gifts meant to me.

Oh, and by the way, happy birthday to Boots!!!


From the Central Coast of California – not far from the majestic Hearst Castle – a wonderful message comes from our good friend, Donna, including photos, all about her Mah Jongg group (including the indomitable Boots Hersh!).

“You have asked for photos of groups playing MJ. I have a group of lovely ladies at my house on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. We started out as a group of us who all belong to the same Corvette Club. I have added ladies from my past two classes and now we are three tables. Here is a group photo of us and I’m the one in the red shirt. Boots is on the far left as she is our “expert” having played “forever”. Everyone else has been playing less than 18 months but we have a great time. The other day there were 13 of us. We are on all on the Central Coast of CA and come from Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Grover Beach.




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Our friend Boots (isn’t that the best name?!) has sent fabulous photos dating back to her early days with Mah Jongg.

Please enjoy – and much thanks to Boots for sharing these wonderful memories!

Boots wrote: In 1962, I was 31 years old and I had been playing MJ for about 10 years in Brackenridge, PA. This was the farewell game with my original group prior to my family moving to Southern California. Last Friday, at our semi-annual tournament (I won first place!) in Santa Maria, CA, we recreated the 1962 photo with “new friends”. I’m still playing at the age of almost 84 and the set is the same one that is shown in the original photo. Just imagine what tales those tiles could tell if they could only talk. Mine has been identified as a Royal Depth set. Yes, we played with the chips and settled up at the end…I think we played for $1.00 pi…still have the chips.

Here’s Boots at the farewell game in 1962:


And here’s is wonderful Boots just last Friday, playing with her “new friends” as they recreate the photo from 1962:


Please take a look at the beautiful Royal Depth Control Mah Jongg set…the very same one that Boots and her friends in 1962 were using for their game play.


Boots – thank you so much for sharing this wonderful set of memories. You are so beautiful!

Oh, and congratulations on winning FIRST PLACE at your tournament!!!





Do you have a special way to remember the definitions of Pung, Kong, and Quint? I must confess that sometimes I must think hard to remember if a Pung is 3 or 4 and if a Kong is 4 or 3 (a Quint is always the easy one, as is the very rare Sextet).  But our friend Donna from Santa Maria, CA sent me a cute way to keep it all straight…

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Our friend Donna in Santa Maria, California, sent me this wonderful Mah Jongg poem along with pictures from a recent flier for a Mah Jongg tournament. I had promised to post it on the blog and then somehow was sidetracked. So, although the tournament has long passed, here is the poem which should bring a smile to every Mah Jongg player’s face…


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