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Finally…for the first time in 2015 I am back together again with the OMs…well, at least some of them. K is on a cruise in the Mediterranean celebrating her mom’s 95th birthday (it is so cold here – her mother could not have picked a better time to have a birthday!) and X was not feeling well. But the rest of us gathered at S1’s and had a really great day.

I know I have posted this before but S1’s table cover is so darling!


The first game went to S2 with this LIKE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 1111 11 1111.


And then it was time for lunch, which was really so yummy and perfect for this bone-chilling day: a delicious Shepherd’s Pie courtesy of Fresh Direct, beets, and a fabulous salad. And, of course, a lovely table setting with a vase of tulips to remind us that some day there really will be spring!


After the wonderful lunch we quickly moved back to the game table where I was lucky to pick my own tile for Mah Jongg with a 369 hand of 333 666 6666 9999.


Then S1 chimed in with another LIKE NUMBERS hand – FFFF 1111 11 1111.


After several disappointing wall games, J brought in a win with a CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of FFFF 1111 2222 DD.


This ended up not being a winning hand but here is what my rack looked like after the Charleston. I thought for sure that I would be able to declare Mah Jongg with the closed 369 hand of 333 6 999 333 6 999 but the tiles just never fell my way.


Instead, J whooshed in and declared another win with a favorite WINDS – DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS.


The next two games were mine, first with a 2468 hand of 22 44 444 666 8888


…and then with lots of lucky Jokers coming my way for this CONSECUTIVE RUN hand that I thought was really fun to play: 11 22 111 222 3333.


S2 had a beautiful win from the WINDS – DRAGONS hand of FFFF EEEE GG WWWW


..and S1 won with the similar other WINDS – DRAGONS hand of FFFF NNNN RR SSSS.


And, for the grand finale, S2 finished the day with a Jokerless and perfectly played 2014 hand of NNNN EW SSSS 2014.


A perfect day and a perfect way to spend the day indoors, safe from this bone-chilling cold!