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Here are a couple more questions and answers from the April 2014 Mah Jongg Madness
newsletter written by Gladys Grad, the Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg:
Q.  If I put up an exposure that has a Joker in it, and someone exchanges a tile for that
Joker….and at the end of the game I get Mah Jongg with no Jokers showing, do I get the
bonus for a “Jokeless Hand?” The other players said “no.”  What is right?
A. You had a good Jokerless Mah Jongg and deserve the bonus.  It didn’t matter what you
exposed before, as long as there were no Jokers exposed when you declared Mahj.

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Yesterday was our weekly game and this time it was J’s turn to host. I must still have been carrying some Happy Birthday luck because I had Mah Jongg three or four times. I always feel that it is a good day if I can declare Mah Jongg just once so this really was a red letter day for me!

After the Charleston on our first game my hand was already shaping up to be a NEWS hand. I had several Jokers and two Green Dragons so that felt safe but I had one Red Dragon and one Soap so it was going to be nothing more than a wild guess as to which Dragon to keep.


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