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Last month I gave a luncheon in honor of Toby Salk‘s visit to NYC. There were eight of us so we were able to have two tables of MJ. We were also celebrating Gail K’s birthday – for dessert we had a birthday cake along with Mah Jongg party favors. Of course, around the game tables there were lots of snacks and candy! In the excitement of the day, I totally forgot to take photos but Toby did shoot some for me. Hopefully she will send more but here is the first one she sent to me:

We had a great lunch Рfirst a spinach dip with crudit̩s and also a couple of bowls of rosemary cashews followed by a lunch of chilaquiles, guacamole, salsa, and chips plus a salad of chopped lettuce with lots of goodies on top and homemade ranch dressing. And then, after a few hours of game play, the chocolate ganache cake came out and, if I say so myself, it was yummy!

Here’s a photo of the rosemary cashews and the chocolate ganache cake (yum!).

Recipes tomorrow…