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My wonderful friend Toby Salk posted an interesting reproduction photo on her last Mah Jongg email message, taken from Judge Magazine.Wait a minute, Toby!…have you been peeking into my jewelry box?!!!



If you are fortunate to live in the greater Bay Area, you are close enough to sign up for this worthwhile event with the wonderful Toby Salk presiding as the tournament director. Sign up now as this event sold out right away last year. To register and see more information on this wonderful event, visit  this REGISTRATION LINK.


Whenever I hear from someone in the Bay Area asking me for a Mah Jongg teacher recommendation, my go-to – and only – person I send them to is my dear friend, Toby Salk. And now Toby has finally received the recognition she so deserves – she has been crowned as the Bay Area’s Mah Jongg Queen by Berkeley Hills Living, a private, neighborhood-focused magazine that serves the Berkeley Hills residents and Montclair and Piedmont Pines residents. The magazine’s mission is “to bring neighbors and businesses together with a positive, relevant and family-friendly monthly magazine, customized to meet the needs of the neighborhood.”

Read on about Toby and you will learn some of the reasons why I think she is the greatest!


Toby  Salk’s fabulous Mah Jongg pictures! Well, I’m not actually going to post each day for twelve days but I do want to show you some of the fabulous photos that the wonderful Toby Salk posts on her emailed announcements. I look forward to receiving her emails and seeing what terrific and unusual photos she has found. Do you ever find unusual or fun photos with a Mah Jongg theme? If so, send them on to me and I will put them up in a future posting. 

Much thanks to Toby for sending these great photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

This photo was from Toby’s most recent email and I agree with her when she told me, “I think if I could have any set in the world…this just might be it! They make me so happy and I need all the help I can get!”

Look at this gorgeous tile!

I think Toby must like kitties…especially those that play Mah Jongg!

Here is one of my favorites with two of my favorite people – “Look at what Lori gave Johni Levene! These GIANT tiles are from a Christian Louboutin Mah Jongg themed window. So jealous!!!” Love these ladies with their wonderful Mah Jongg spirit!


Love these ladies with their wonderful Mah Jongg spirit!



Here’s another photo found by the wonderful Toby Salk and this one is quite historic. From The Great Mahjong Book: History, Lore, and Play by Jelte Rep we learn that our beloved game was brought to our shores in 1920 by Joseph P. Babcock, an expat working for Standard Oil while living in Shanghai. Babcock and his wife were great lovers of the mystical Chinese tile game. Here is a bio of Babcock by Jelte Rep:

And here is the historic photo that Toby found…It is Joseph P. Babcock and his wife enjoying an evening of Mah-Jongg with their friends…we might be living almost 100 years later since the game came to America but we recreate this scene daily (maybe without the formal evening clothes!).


I love receiving emails from my dear friend Toby Salk who lives in my once-upon-a-time home of Berkeley, CA. Her email photos always bring a smile and I thought you might enjoy a couple of her most recent pictures. And, by the way, if you live in or around the Bay Area then you are lucky enough to either take Mah Jongg lessons from Toby or join in her Sunday Mah Jongg brunches and other Mah Jongg events.