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Today I just happened to come across this fabulous article from China Daily USA. This article was published in September of 2011 and written by Liu Xiaozhuo. As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t matter if the article is over two years old – an article on Mah Jongg is always timely, right?!  The title of the article is, “More Than Just a Game.” Isn’t that what I say on the introduction to my blog?!!! Hurrah!!

Take a look at this beautiful lady playing our favorite game:


This wonderful picture is from the article. She is too cool. Note her jade bracelet; you will see jade in one form or another on a very large percentage of Chinese people – according to Ask.com, “Wearing jade every day has been believed to give the wearer better vitality and health for Chinese people. It is also believed to give good fortune and luck to the person wearing it. This particular stone is also known as ‘the stone of heaven’. ”

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