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I couldn’t be more excited…my vintage-style table covers have finally arrived and they are available for purchase. We don’t even have them up on a site or in stores yet so if you are interested in buying one…or two…or three (the holidays are just around the corner – this is a great gift for your favorite Mah Jongg friends!), just shoot me an email at ann@mahjonggandme.com and we will mail them right out. They are $49.95, postage is included, and we can invoice you through PayPal or accept credit cards.Mah Jongg Table Cover 7-6-15

IMG_8848 IMG_8847 IMG_8846


I’m so excited – after spending a couple of years (!) working on some ideas, the time has finally come for me to share them with you. First I want to show you a few samples from the Mah Jongg Gift Collection which includes mugs, iPhone cases, and magnets, with other types of products to come in the future. All of these gifts show images of beautiful vintage Mah Jongg sets.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.20.09 PM

See full collection!

And then, on a slow boat from China (literally!) and due to arrive in the beginning of October, comes the vintage-inspired Mah Jongg Table Cover. As soon as they arrive I will have a link up on the blog to purchase them. I am thrilled about these table covers and hope you will be too! The table cover is secured to your card table with ties on all four corners that you tie into a bow around each leg. 

Mah Jongg Table Cover 7-6-15Here are some details of the corners:IMG_8846 IMG_8847 IMG_8848


Lisa has been an amazing student in one of my Mah Jongg classes. She seemed to understand the game from day one. And ever since then, all she has wanted is a vintage Bakelite Mah Jongg set.

Lisa is a very philanthropic woman and for twenty plus years she has been involved with an organization called “Learning to Look.”  In order to show their thanks for her undying commitment and the hard work she has given all these years to this organization, the other members of the group decided to give Lisa a beautiful vintage Bakelite set as a surprise gift.

Please enjoy the face of happiness – these photos say it all:IMG_2677 IMG_2681


Congratulations to Lisa – you deserve this beautiful set; you are a very special person, indeed.


The other day I received the following email from  AOTOMO Mahjong Table Manufacturer in China. The writer, a person by the name of Frank, wanted me to “put our new design Chinese famous novel mahjong set on to your blog. Please kind find the photos attached. We will send more our mahjong products late.
I asked Frank to send more information and here is what he sent:



照片 682

So, I emailed Frank again and told him I needed more information including pricing…

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A CHarli Joker – or as she puts it, “Simply the Best!”photo 1

It wasn’t long after I had learned how to play Mah Jongg that I began lusting after a vintage set. I did some research and found the website of the incomparable and incredible CHarli. We started emailing back and forth and CHarli (aka Carol Ann Harper) was amazing – so patient and kind as she advised me on which sets would be best for me.  We finally settled on a gorgeous Royal Depth Control set which, to this day, is my favorite set to bring out for our Mah Jongg Wednesday’s game. Because this was my first vintage set, it will always be my sentimental favorite. CHarli included beautiful Jokers (her design, of course!) and a lovely note thanking me for my purchase, or should I say, adoption, of this set. The set is in perfect condition which is true with everything that CHarli sells. I love, love, love playing Mah Jongg with this gorgeous set and always think of CHarli fondly every time it comes out.

photo 1

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Madame Mahj has done it again! How cute are these MIniature Wrap-Ups?!! The package contains 30 different vintage Mah Jongg tile designs plus a glue stick. All you have to do is provide the mini-chocolate bars (I used Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures), glide the glue stick across the edge, wrap the tile design tightly around the chocolate bar, and press the glued edge down lightly. As Madame Mahj explains, the wrapper designs are inspired by vintage Cardinal, Crisloid, Eastern, ES Lowe, Gimbles, Macy’s, Met, Pung Chow, Rottgames, Royal Games, and Ten Flowers Mah Jongg sets. Continue reading