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Even though I am always head over heels with the carvings and colorful paintings on the vintage Mah Jongg sets, I am so in love with this new set by the design house Maison Martin Margiela.

It would look so nice in my apartment and wouldn’t it be fun to play a game of Mah Jongg with a set like this – big sigh… rumor has it that the set sells for $5000.



I love these matte black racks with helping hand pushers attached. Of course, there is nothing like the vintage racks made of Catalin but for those old sets that come without racks, these will do in a pinch!



Every three or four months our Mahj group – made up of six very good friends (alternatively known as “The OMs” for original Mahjettes…or “Mahj Chicks” by Jim) – take off for parts unknown. Well, not really unknown…we have gone to S’s home in Sag Harbor, K’s home in Buck Hill, a home in Old Chatham and most recently, a home belonging to X’s relative in upstate New York.We spend three days and two nights really never leaving the host’s home, just playing Mahj from early, early morning to late, late night and cooking up a storm.


We arrive! All the OM’s but me – I’m taking the picture! Continue reading