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Today is my birthday and so I am going to put up a very special posting. Do you remember the postings on this blog of the fabulous beach depictions of Mah Jongg Flower tiles made last year by our dear friend Kat? Well, she has gone a step further and decorated the most magnificent Mah Jongg cookies and sent the photos to me – the only present that could be better would be if I happened to be in her kitchen right now, deciding whether or not I would actually destroy these works of art by eating them! Oh, BTW, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED what Kat used for a rolling pin…read on! And…ENJOY!!!

COOKIES…. This is the best I could come up with… I ordered rice paper, edible “markers” and a few other decorating items (all from Amazon). First I took photos of some of my mahjong tiles. Cropped, arranged them together and enlarged. After I printed the photos, I placed the image behind the rice paper and traced. I used the image as a guideline and just did my thing, and did not worrying that the drawing was not perfect.

Next I made cookie dough, then rolled it out and cut cookies. I couldn’t find my rolling pin so used a bottle of Merlot. I also did not have a rectangle cookie cutter so I used a lid to a lacquer box…. Well, I had to use something:) Bake cookies, cool. Make cookie glaze. After you glaze the cookies, you can add the rice paper immediately while the glaze is still wet…. Or you can let the glaze dry and paint on corn syrup to use a glue for the rice paper to adhere to the glaze. Next, decorate the border… Then EAT.

Okay, they are not perfect and I could have done a lot more like add bits of frosting and other decorative embellishments… But this is not my cup of tea…not knowing where my rolling pin is located should be a clue there. I do have something else to try in the edible mahjong world that is more my cup of tea, stay tuned. Seventeen images here so you can see steps along the way.

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Donna from California sent me a link to a fun website, www.fancyflours.com, where she had found Chinese Mahjong Tiles Wafer Paper that look just like this:


The description was tempting: Let the game begin! Mahjong tiles are of Chinese origin and used to play many games, most notably Mahjong and Mahjong solitaire. Traditionally, Mahjong tiles were made of bone, but now they can be made from cookies! Our special set of 32 edible wafer paper tiles includes circle, bamboo, character, dragon and flower tiles. Each tile is 1.5″ X 2″. This is a wonderful treat for your Mahjong club.

I thought these would be so much to serve the next time the OMs play chez moi so I sent away for them. The delivery was swift and they arrived in perfect condition as they were beautifully packed.  Continue reading