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Year of the joker tile_s

As you may know, 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Lynn from Where the Winds Blow is offering a really great deal on this gold glitter Year of the Horse Mah Jongg set should you need to commemorate this equine year. As Lynn has suggested, a wedding, graduation, birth, whatever! Read on for specifics about this special offer… Continue reading



Need to write a thank you note after attending a great luncheon and an afternoon of Mah Jongg at a friend’s home? Or looking for a cute notecard to use as an invitation for a day of Mah Jongg chez vous? Well, look no further than www.wherethewindsblow.com for this darling set of handcrafted Mah Jongg- themed notecards.

SPECIAL PURCHASE! 10 precious note cards with envelopes for only $8.49 ($1.00 S&H). The 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 (top folded) cards are blank inside allowing for use as invitations to a Mah Jongg party or quick notes to a friend or loved one. Each card is handcrafted.



I just spoke with the very delightful Lynn Chorn, the new owner of the fantastic website, www.wherethewindsblow.com. She only has FOUR copies left of this wonderful souvenir book from the Project Mah Jongg exhibit. Lynn told me that she has contacted the publisher, 2wice Arts Foundation, but they have no more copies to sell. So, if you are interested in this special book – and at a very reduced price – contact Lynn right away because these books are going, going…gone soon!


Yesterday I posted about Crak Bam Dot Mah Jonggthe fabulous catalogue from the Project Mah Jongg exhibit currently on view at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Several readers of this column alerted me to the fact that the museum is all sold out of this great souvenir book but that it is currently available on the wonderful website, WhereThe WindsBlow, and being sold for a steal of a price at $39.75, including shipping!


Much thanks to Diane G and Katie A, two great friends to this blog, who alerted me to this great sale!


I received a request from Where the Winds Blow, a wonderful site offering fantastic Mah Jongg custom-made sets, gifts, and accessories, asking me to post a link to a new petition being sent to the U.S. Congress and President Obama proclaiming April 30th as National Mah Jongg Day. What a great idea!

I signed the petition and I hope you will do the same. Let’s make this happen! By the way, your name does not have to show up on the Internet petition site if you would prefer to remain nameless. Check it out right here…


The goal is to reach 1,000 signatures by March 27th – let’s do better than that – I know we can!


If you are anything like me, I can barely make out what is on those marvelous vintage tiles. I love to collect these sets but honestly, even my strongest EyeBobs can’t help me! I just can’t see as well as I used to – and that’s putting it kindly. Until now…


The thoughtful minds at Where the Winds Blow have told me that very soon they will be carrying tiles with LARGER NUMBERS for players with vision impairment (that’s just about everyone I know!). There will also be Dragons with text for players with color blindness! They wrote me that they know many senior players who had to stop playing Mah Jongg simply because they cannot see the numbers or, when they buy the jumbo tiles, they find they are simply to heavy to use. No excuses any longer with these new tiles! BTW, the numbers also are color coded to match the suits. The good news is that the tiles are Standard American sized tiles featuring larger numbers and smaller symbols.

These tile sets will soon be available in solid white, blue denim and their popular rainbow tiles. If you are interested, don’t hesitate because these tiles will sell out fast. This is a great gift for your mom or your grandmother…or yourself – if you are over 40 then you know what I mean! Reserve your sets by sending an email to sales@wherethewindsblow.com.