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gail gail

And this photo from our wonderful friend Gail really says it all!

Gail wrote: “I’m sitting out this game as we are five tonight. Look at them all, clutching their heads and suffering, poor gals. I love playing here at Marlynn Jenkins’ house – it’s like being in a museum of wood. Her partner, John Hampton, is a marvelous wood turner, and those hats and segmented vessels are but a tiny fraction of his creative outpourings. Paul and my home is filled with his work – art pieces of all kinds, and every size bowl you can imagine, all from different woods.”

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Gail went on to tell us more about the marvelous wood turnings by her friend John: “Many of you seemed interested in what you saw of wood turner John Hampton’s work – I decided to show you a few more examples from our collection. As you can guess, every salad is eaten out of one of John’s creations.”

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